«It all began in Spring 2004. A purchase driven by my deep passion for sandstone land and wines that grow slowly, caressed by the skilful hands of wise and patient farmers. I have always been fascinated by the rugged beauty of the Monferrato region, probably because it reminds me of my childhood and of breathless runs up the ancient hills. I learned to follow nature and the sprouting of new bunches under the practiced eye of Carlino Rondoletti, a man with a rich history, just like the vines he cultivated one by one. He used to spend his days alone in the hills, until I managed to gain his confidence. Carlino entrusted me with his centenary vines and he always used to say: “I was at war in El Alamein and they were here in Vinchio waiting for me”. Unfortunately, he’s not here anymore; in his place a fine enologist who is able to blend science with each natural phase of wine development».
Giovanni Bartoli

Giovanni and his two daughters have been devoting their time to these ancient vines. From biting cold winter days, after the pruning season, to hot summer days. “Silently working between the rows of vines” this is what Carlino taught them. Maybe because in this way it is easier to listen to the single grapevines.
A small vineyard of just two hectares treated with great love and passion.