The logo of our company recalls the Art Nouveau luxuriant vine leaves, evoking the beauty of the grapevines that climb the trellis wires of the rows.
Our vineyards grow on steep slopes, quite challenging to work. Everything is still done by hand, from the verdigris and sulfur treatments to the grape harvest using traditional baskets. This simplicity is the essence of all our wines. At the same time the natural, instinctive passion is aided by enological science that allows all the natural characteristics of our grapes to reach their full potential in your glass.

Grignolino and Barbera: two typical red wines of our land that mirror proudly the Monferrato region with their intense aroma. Chardonnay and Moscato: two varieties of white grapes that elegantly pair with a nice meal.

All four wines are produced in limited quantities, because we make wine only for love.